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this is a somewhat derogatory colloquialism among provisional licensed post-pubescent teens ranging from the years 16 to 18 of who are directly involved in; or commonly delegated the task of filling the petroleum tank for their fellow teen if they do not yet meet the provisional testing requirements or have exceedingly failed in achieving said provisional license.

"Sniff" is considered a derogatory, yet, common word used by Australian Indigenous bogans. "Sniff" is used to refer to the inhalation of petrol fume action.
"I've fuck all resin left mang. We're pulling into the sniff market and you're filling ya shit cunt."

"How much sniff do we have mang?"
"Not enough to get a Zillmere local to get to the dreamtime and back.."
"use the rest on a deece squiggly and i'll get us some up at the sniff market"
by p plater terms! August 16, 2011
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