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Be warned the sneaky serpent is not for the weak minded. It involves ass to ass sexual relations. To perform the maneuver a male and a female must begin ass to ass. The maneuver first begins with the man tucking his erection between his legs. The balls must be split for this to occur. For the penis to reach its final destination it must be an adequate length, at least 8 inches. From there the female is going to have to do the final job of penetration because the man will be unable to move in such discomfort. The difficulty of the position makes it ideal for any man and women wanting to play "just the tip"
One day Mitch asked his wife if she wanted to try a novelty. She said yes let's play just the tip, but Mitch had a different plan in mind and got his wife from behind with the sneaky serpent.
by natedog10 November 04, 2011
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