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Be warned, this move requires the stealth and speed of an ninja and also the dexterity of an Indiana Jones.

While hooking up with a girl and things progress, you soon find yourself and your target naked, making out in a horizontal position. As you begin to finger bang her (slowly at first, intensity increasing as you go from 6 to 12). Simultaneously, use your other hand to grab her voluptous breast, pinching her nipple as necessary. When she is sufficiently lubricated and moaning your name, quietly but quickly replace your fingers with your full blown boner in the same rhythm and speed of your finger thrusting without her noticing, similar to how Indiana Jones switches out the stone in The Temple of Doom.

*This move is best suited for the size of an asian ninja.
Girl (preferably 2 hundy +): "Hey, how are you feeling both my boobs and fingering me?"

Btron: "Look no hands! That was the sneaky shimmy!"

by Well N. Dowd April 08, 2009
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