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An expression used to describe dick-sucking between men who are often appreciated as being rugged, stubbly(or a little on the unshaven side), hairy, muscular, and oozing with raw manly sex. They may be into wearing denim, tattoos, boots, and listen to country music, with an "I break for BEARS!!!" bumper sticker on their trucks. They may be the kind of guy who is wearing leather and shades on a motorcycle with a scruffy beard and sexy smile. Truckers, bikers, construction workers, hard hats, and cowboys(or wang wranglers)...all of them are men who are more than a little rough around the edges and share an all consuming passion for sucking each other's sausage.
Ken and Josh like to go home, slide out of their denims, turn down the lights, slip into the shower, wash-off the dust and sweat from their job as construction workers and take turns giving each other's crotch as much oral attention as possible. They absolutely love smokin' the bear.
by Happy Wolf June 01, 2007
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