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A group of students that goes to a really shitty school on Long Island that spend all of their free time before, during, and after school in the music suite. Some of them don’t even take a music elective or play an instrument at all. Everything happens in the practice rooms... They hookup in there, talk shit, eat lunch, and skip class...sometimes all at once. Most of these people are overdramatic and obnoxious and barely talented, but some of them don’t suck... only some. Music kids are closely affiliated with art and theater kids, as most of their cliques interjoin. A large portion of them are gay, lesbians, bisexual, and many other sexualities that you have never heard of. Don’t associate with these people if you care about your reputation.
I hate those fucking Smithtown High School West music kids. They’re fags
by chaoticsunflower June 04, 2018
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