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A parent, mainly a Mama, who has chosen to be there 100 percent (Since their child was little) for their child/children on the slim chance that they are gay or something similar. If the child comes to Mama and says, "I'm gay. Do you still love me?" You would be ready.
it's okay to Smile and nod, just don't look like a damn bobble head. It's when they say I'm gender fluid or demisexual, you hope you aren't caught looking stupid, with your mouth hung open. Demisexual? Was that Bruce Willis and Aston Kutcher's job? (sex with Demi?)
All I know as a parent, either you are in it or not, but don't half ass it. They will know if you say you support them and you don't. The Beatles understood it best. Love is all you need.
"I see your mama is behind your choice on who to love."
"Yes. I love her for it."
"Just ask her to not be such a smilin' nodder..."
"What do you mean?"
"She is nodding her head so much to prove she is there for you, she looks like a bobble head."
"Thanks for pointing it out."
by Not your Mama August 14, 2015
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