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to engage in vigorous sexually activity
John is soooooo cute! I wish we could smashy smash!
Did you see Sarah? I wanna smashy smash that!
If Gabe and I were a couple, we'd smashy smash all day long!
No one likes me, people wouldn't even smashy smash with me...
by Jake Reker January 30, 2018
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V. Smashysmash-ED
N. Smashysmash
V. Dave: Neil, did u fuck?
Scoob: Hell naw, he didnt fuck.
Neil: Both of you are lame as hell, i SMASHYSMASHED!!!!

N. Dave: Neil fucked.
Scoob: Who?
Neil: Dont worry bout it, but i did a little SMASHYSMASH!!
by Yung FLex June 12, 2007
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