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Official title for United States Army MOS series of 91F (ninety-one fox). They are the best trained weapon mechanics on the face of the planet. Their main responsibility is to repair weapons which troops have damaged due to negligence, lack of knowledge, inability to retain information once it has been presented and occasionally due to actual combat.

In maintenance companies 91F's work in larger groups, gauging , repairing and preparing weapons for training and combat.

Occasionally a 91F will be attached to a line company or battalion that is more than likely to see combat, has a lower than usual IQ average that poses a higher risk to government equipment or both (especially with combat engineers and infantry). In these groups, 91F's are often erroneously referred to as "armorers", referring to the ASI identifier that traditionally knows almost nothing about weapons and refuses to accept your weapon into the arms room, no matter how clean it is. 91F's who are new to such units are often offended by this label because of the vast difference in training, but experienced 91F's let it go, feeling sympathy for the special needs companies they are attached to who honestly couldn't know any better if their lives, families lives and the lives of every living organism in the universe depended on it.
"Go take that weapon to Jones, he's a qualified Small Arms Repairer".

"Say again? I don't understand..."
"Go take that weapon to Jones, he's our unit armorer."
by whatdoesthe91Fsay July 08, 2014
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