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using ones backyard slip in slide, for a shitty slippin ass slammin good time!
when yer all horned up an run outta sexual ideas....the slippery shit slide slammer can be an excellent party saver! ex: bruce and beatrice were so sexually bored bruce went out in the backyard and performed the ol' slippery shit slide slammer......he positioned beatrice doggy style at the end of his slip n slide naked.....using corn oil.. oiled up her shit bruce with boner erect ...ran as fast as he could landing on the slip in slide knees first..zooming down the slip n slide (takes perfect balance) on knees, boner erect just about to make contact he thrust hips forward...(takes great timing and aiming)..Jamming erect boner in her shit pipe......IF DONE CORRECTLY WOMAN SHOULD IMMEDIATLEY HAVE ORGASM....along with sore asshole....
by gillieman69 December 10, 2009
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