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A person who is caught up in a big, like London or maybe is on dope. But really, it's a synonym for hipsters and other likely self indulged indie elitist.

Subsequently, it could also be a blog by the same type of person because people like this think everyone wants to hear their opinion.

The phrase comes from the title of the final track off of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks and a quote he used to describe what the song was about.
Person A: Look at those hipsters over there in their skinny jeans and emo music. They're probably talking about Wes Anderson films. I hate people like that. Why won't they just go away?

Person B: Let it go, man. They're just a bunch of slim slow sliders, caught up in themselves and a their long journey to apathy.

Person A: I'm thinking about starting a blog because I've got all of these awesome things I want to write about, like indie films and drugs and music and books and interesting films and things. I know people would want to read it.

Person B: What, like a slim slow slider?
by any four word phrase September 14, 2008
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