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A game where two or more participants take turns slapping other participants on the forearm near the inner crease of the elbow. The object of the slap game is to be the "last person standing". Often played by sadomasochists whilst under the influence of various types of cheap liquor.

A typical round goes something like this: Person A is the person delivering the slap, whilst Person B is the one receiving. Both participants stand facing each other. Person A holds Person B's arm at the inside of the wrist, extended toward them. Person B mentally prepares for imminent pain. Person A slaps Person B closed-palmed as hard as they are able to. Immediately afterward, Person A and Person B swap roles and the process is repeated.
Last night I got drunk with my friends and played eight rounds of the slap game. Now my arm makes it look like I'm a junkie.
by forbo October 08, 2013
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