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Mouldy, torn bit of flannel used post-coitally by dirty slappers for 'mopping up' various copious liquids after incidents of explosive sexual union. Used predominantly by a Samantha (hehe).
Having blown him off but miscalculating the arc of his sexual effusions, Mary reached for her slag rag and wiped the residual bollock-chutney from her cheeks...

Pass us the slag rag, will you? There's a good lad.

Jemima: "gosh, what I really need now is a slag rag"
<Goebbels passes Jemima a slag rag>
Jemima: "Thanks, Goebbels"

No, I said use the hand towel to dry your face, not the slag rag!
by Dave, my Slave August 21, 2008
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