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You can use this as an adlib for a song. For example, Madeintyo made a song called "Uber Everywhere" and he uses it in that song. Other rappers known to use this adlib are young thug, lil yachty, and lil uzi vert.

Another way to spell it is "skirrt skirrt".

Can be used as a substitution for "swerve".

An unnecessary word to say out of no where as well, to hype up something or turn up.

Say this when dodging something or someone; andvoiding something or someone.
Aye! Skurrt Skurrt! I swear that girl she a ten! Aye! Skurrt Skurrt! Fucked her then I fucked her friend!

Ugly-annoying girl : "Hey Bill!"

Bill: "Skurrt Skurrt!"
by John Juan May 26, 2016
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