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A skid, who is a rat and a goof. Somebody who hangs out with know, the loser group of people where there's so many losers they feel extreme, but are actually skids because they smoke butts and have pimples...and they're jealous of your ultimate coolness, so they rat you out to police. Thus enabling you to call them a goof. Might not actually be a child fucking goof, but the next worse thing.
It's your best friend's bday and you go out to the bar, even though you are on probation and have a court order against it. You see a skid rat goof in the bar and ignore them as they're obviously way below your pimp status. While you're stumbling back to your place at 4am that morning, the cops pick you up because they had an "anonymous tip" that your drunk ass was out on the street.

You: "That fucking skid rat goof!"
by westernclassics October 13, 2009
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