situational friendship

1)people who you never see outside of a club or place of education
2) a friendship which revolves around a particular interest, which quickly dissolves once you both change interest

Typically work colleges, friends of friends or people at a club

also includes that one person who you only spend time with on a night out
Lucy: Grace and I hung out all the time at college, but since graduating we drifted apart
Dennis: It sounds like you two just had a situational friendship

"So it turns out that douche bag best friend was just a situational friendship- he never got in contact since I moved out of town"

Adeela: It's funny how we were was such good friends with people in drama class last year
Grace: But since we drama class left we never seem to talk to them anymore
Lucy: I guess it was just another situational friendship
by flowers_in_my_footsteps June 6, 2017
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