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1. Name generally given to some one of soft and tender emotions. It is normally given as an insult to the male gender. May also be used is a direct title or job description.
(Silk comes from the butts of Chinese worms.)
1. What’s wrong with you, are you a silky boy or what?

2. Oh yes I make silk at the factory as a silky boy.
by Peter Beebe April 27, 2008
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De masculating insult. The male type who is well groomed, Feminine in some ways metrosexual. Obsessed with looks or naturally pretty but not handsome. or rugged. Smooth skin conditioned hair, designer stubble
Hey Silkyboy, He was a complete silky boy, Your nothing but a pair of silky boys. (Bill and Ted Bogus journey)
by Mingincat August 04, 2018
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