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1. what happens when the older sibling beats up the younger one because it is a culturally accepted ritual

2. when older siblings buy booze for younger siblings and get them stuff that is otherwise illegal.

3. when older siblings are worshipped because they're cool and tell their younger siblings about life and how to get girls, etc.

4. the best bond in life
1. 'Ow i have so many bruises from our latest sesh of sibling bonding!' -younger sibling

2. "Ye-yeahh i was enjoying some sibling bonding with my older sister and she gave me a bottle of smirnoff and this funky herbal stuff.'

3. 'My little bro loves me because we always have sibling bonding and i tell him about stuff that our parents wouldn't."

4. 'I love sibling life is complete now.' -both parties involved in SB.
by bossyoldersib November 03, 2010
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