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This is used when you need a stronger word to ask someone to shut up.

In fact, the acronym has been changed by the years of usage and is now, a word by itself.

***The word "STFU" is said "STUFU".

So, "Stfu", spelled "Stufu" is said instead of "Shut Up".

But some exceptions occurs when it is employed as a single word instead of a sentence.

For example ; if you say "Stfu" only, it is a sentence meaning "Shut up", but if you say "Shut the stfu", "Stfu" becomes just a word, combined with "shut the", meaning anything stronger than "(shut the) fuck up" or "(shut) up", giving a stronger impact on the sentence.
"Stfu" as a sentence ;

-Annoying dude annoys
-Annoyed dude says : Stfu
-Annoying dude says ; F U

"stfu" as a word in a sentence ;

-Annoying dude annoys
-Annoyed dude says ; Shut the stfu
-Annoying dude says nothing.
-Random dude says ; OMG you really made him Stfu dude!

Stronger impact and better result. Try it for yourself.
by Dodsferd November 21, 2009
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