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Footwear worn with the intent of causing serious injury to small mammalian rodents.
...I see this shrew run into these shrubs. So I stood up, walked over to the shrubs and started stompin' around with my shrew stompers. I heard this high pitched shreak as my right shrew stomper came down on him. It wasn't dead though, so I looked around and sure enough, there was a cinder block. Well, being the highly evolved homo sapien that I am, I picked up the cinder block, moved my shrew stomper, and dropped the cinder block. The shreaking stopped after that. I looked toward the ocean, let out a BEEEEYAAAAAAAAY as I felt the cool ocean breeze blow my button up shirt back like a cape of glory. Then I went back to my seat and ashed in a walruses glass.
by Brandon Michael Hall September 26, 2007
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