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A heterosexual man with an obsession with men's shoes. Often known to covet the shoes of other men and ask them uncomfortably personal questions regarding their shoes.
So, about your friend Bob I met the other night. He spent the entire ballgame staring at my feet.

Were wearing fancy shoes? Bob's kind of a shoe fag.

I guess that explains why he asked me if he could feel the leather.
by jlm_one_1 May 20, 2011
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A young person, usually male, whos parents knowingly or unknowingly buy new skate shoes every week or so. Usually wears them until they get a little dirt on them, then throws them up in a tree or on power lines, and dangle there by the laces. They will also "give" them to you if you ask, beg, or do "special favors" for them.
First person: Did you see the new pair of DCs Tyler got yesterday, they gave me a woody.

Second person: Yea, man, his parents buy them for him all the time, the little shoefag--I wish my parents were that rich.
by Guido1 March 02, 2008
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