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when you erratically panic over the little things. somewhat like a real panic attack but minus the actual need to panic. when one pulls a shmam attack, they must make a scene and either take it out in: belting out the paramore R!OT cd, doing one out of the 400 dances she's learned, or by doing acrobats on bus railings. Each one of these venting techniques most of the time should be accompanied with the person in question repeating a phrase over and over.
One of the main points in venting always is followed by calling up a poor boy who goes by Phil and screaming curses into his ear.
poor poor phil :(
guy: hey, did you see that girl flying around the bus today? she was so pulling a shmam attack.
guy 2: i know, she was hysterical for not bringing her granola bar to school this morning.
by sarahdara February 12, 2008
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