a shitty penis popper occures when while a girl recieving anal sex has to take a shit but the man giving anal does not abide to her wishes and stops what he is doing. in doing this he urinates inside her ass hole and sofens the feces so that when the man takes his dick out shit a explodes in an uncontrolable excretion of the waste. horrid and unexplainable occurance lays waste to all who stand infront of it. this horrible event has also been known to mentaly scar and mame all involved. and beware.
Jim: Yo jeff wheres Dave?
Jeff: He had a shitty penis popper last night with shelly.
Jim: OMG Did he survive?
Jeff: Ya, the medics made it just in time but now hes in a mental instatution, but shelly didn't make it.
by tmac jmillzz February 13, 2009