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Shera'Mya is a girl name for a unique person it's a unique name one of back kind,Ashy beautiful girl who at first doesn't talk very much but once you get close to her she's crazy and could talk all day. everyone likes her and at times people fight over her. She's kind,sweet, and smart. She doesn't just date anyone and if she does date you you better be funny because she loves to laugh. Don't make her made or get on her bad side it isn't pretty.Shera' Mya will love you as long as you make her happy and be the person she needs whenever she ask for you ALWAYS. She has a beautiful smile and a weird laugh that everyone loves. If you meet a Shera'Mya you better keep her and stay on her good side it's the best choice you will make in your life.
Shera'Mya is a girl name for a amazing unique person.
by Mysteriously Beautiful Rose February 18, 2018
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