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Shaun (f.) - A phenomenal woman, super creative, extremely sensitive to the cares of others.

Protective of children, yours and hers, with the fierceness of a Lioness. This great heart protector will care for the most lost of souls, encouraging them to believe even if she must believe for them.

Sometimes lost in her own thoughts, Shaun finds solace in nature and music. Her soul breathes a melody from God. Her footsteps most certainly ordered by the Father.

Shaun doesn't like dishonesty. She believes your character shows most, when nobody is looking. At some point, someone will see the truth you have or lack.
You can be creative like shaun (f.)

Shaun (f.) will be on-time.

Shaun (f.) does not play about the kids!
by Rooseveltq May 21, 2018
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