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"Shaquandra" is what is known by modern science to be the ghetto-est name known to man. Science is, however, making daily leaps and bounds, and maybe it won't be long until we've found an even ghetto-er name.

Due to recent advances in litho-technology and carbon dating, we now know that the name "Shaquandra" originated in the land of Maha'clabar, modern day Harlem. "Shaquandra" was most likely a ritual name given to young women whose twerking was good enough for the gods to persuade them to bring rain to the fields so that the crops may grow and the people may prosper. However, other theories suggest that the name "Shaquandra" might have meant "one with the booty" or "she who throws that ass greater than our ancient ancestors".
Boy 1: Hey, have you seen Shaquandra?

Boy 2: Yeah, she's twerking for the gods so that rain may come to our land once more.
by Mรกtyรกs June 11, 2014
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