1. Acting out a fantasy while engaging in sexual activity. Each person takes on a character role. This may include dressing up for the roles, using props, and/or creating or finding the right setting.

2. A roleplay session online that turns sexual.

3. Another word for cyber. The difference between the second definition is that this means the session is only about roleplaying sex. It starts and finishes with the sexual elements, while the second definition is where the sexual roleplay is part of an ongoing plot.
1. A husband and wife playing "patient" and "nurse" to heat up their sex lives.

"Honey, want to go to the bedroom and engage in a little sexual roleplay? This time you can be the nurse."

2. Characters are played on a roleplay site. They eventually engage in sexual activity.

"Should we write out the sexual roleplay or skip over it?"

3. Two people meet online and roleplay having sex.

"In for some sexual roleplay?"
by Meushell December 26, 2006
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