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For Guys:
Embellishing sexual encounters in frequency or grandeur;
When someone fronts about a sexual experience or story;
Can also be used when a guy is trying to make a potentially loose girl seem like she's not, because he likes her. The rational is that all girls are getting sexed more than back in the day, relatively speaking a girl that has slept with 5 or 6 guys at the age of 26 is basically a virgin.

For Girls:
Usually involves sexual deflation. A downplaying of the lewdness or number of sexual encounters, in order to not seem like a total slut.
"He was trying to tell me he'd got with 8 shorties during this orgy at spring break, but with all the sexual inflation involved with spring break stories, I doubt any of it happened.";

-"My girl has probably been with about 4 guys i would think, 5 at most. And I can deal with that. I mean, in this day and age...."
-"haha. Totally, with sexual inflation and all"

"She says she's been with only 5 guys, but i'm guessing more like 8 to 10, if I factor in sexual deflation. "
by Dave and JP February 24, 2007
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