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A serf and james is the next and upcoming fad. In reality self expression was never a fad in the first place. this places serf and james on another realm of existence.

People try to reap off the awesomeness of serf and james becoming 10x's kewler. These people may be fans of the serf and james life style or they may just be groupies who love em' booty.
Man, you hear/saw that, it's totally serf and james.

My bro really loves his cd, serf and james style. :P

Serf and james makes me feel awesome. <3

Rawr, serf and james! :3

Serf and james is kewl dat' yo!

That serf and james wins over any poon anyday!

I can't wait to go see serf and james.

"OMG I JUST SAW SERF AND JAMES!" *excited and 10x's kewler*

It's kewl.. but nothing like serf and james.
by Branwen January 17, 2009
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