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1:/A misdirection of thought or action to distract or mislead a person or animal in to thinking one thing but realizing it is some thing else. Some times it is used in a small form known as getting/or being "sent".

2:/The perception being manipulated to reveal the initial thought was false and upon finding out the truth fully finalizes being "sent".

3:/ A "sent mode" is the time in which the mind or perception is not fully aware or conscious of the misunderstanding of actuality.

4:/ The confusion of assuming things are the truth from the initial thought.
I say that green paper and thought it was money, it "sent" the fuck outa me.

Look he don't know i took out the most important piece, I'm sending this dude to the moon!"

I was going to get some thing from up stairs and forgot ended up sending my self.

Ima put this girl in sent mode. watch...

I sentmoded all those people yelling out "money!" and they all proceeded to look around for it.

Beginner phrases for creating a sent mode
"your pocket is untied" -sentmode
"look at the bald guy with an afro."-sentmode
"pointing at the ground telling some one they stepped in some thing" (thats not there)

-Sent mode is another form of N.L.P.
by sentmode March 13, 2014
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