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Senor Unicornio is an awesome pillow pet unicorn. He has a mustache and a beautiful floral bow tie. He has a lot of swag and is everyone's best friend. However, Senor Unicornio does not talk. He has lavender plush fur and it is so soft that you could sleep in it. Senor Unicornio lives with a loving family. Senor Unicornio has been on a diet his entire life by not eating anything. He is a supermodel for his glorious facial hair. He lives on a bed on Unicornio Avenue. His favorite amusement park is UnicorniaLand, just like Disneyland but for unicorns. #fab4ever
Senor Unicornio is so swag! Does he gotta bae? Or NAH? IZ HE TRYNA DATE? OR NAH
by Senor Unicornio June 07, 2014
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