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Also known as "SHS"-

A person who laughs at their own jokes or comments before anyone else has a chance to react. Most of the time SHS's material is NOT funny in the least. It is usually based around simple everyday tasks, such as getting a cup of coffee.

Also, SHS laughs at NOBODY else's jokes. He will just stare at you and try to make you feel as stupid as possible.

If Self Humor Sam laughs after someone else's joke, it is usually because he is thinking of something he said earlier.

Common side effects include: helmet hair, wife who acts as secretery, weekend biker, ugly teeth, attracts all skanks in workplace
you: (tells punchline to good joke)
Self Humor Sam: ........(blank stare)
I'm playing in a poker tournament
this weekend. HEH-HEH-HEH-HEH!!
by bartok January 13, 2006
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