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the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. she’s pretty, kind, smart, popular, and an honest friend. stunning on the inside and out. she hides her emotions because she’s afraid you’ll judge her. she might seem like a hoe, but she’s the complete opposite, she’s just energetic and open to different people. doesn’t have tons of self-confidence, but will get comfortable with you if you make her feel welcome. she worries what people think about her. but, she’s the light in the room. she’s a blessing in your life and you don’t even realize it. don’t take her for granted, because you’ll regret it in the end. listen to her advice, because she’s been through a lot and is very wise. it seems as though everything is perfect about her if you look from a certain viewpoint. has an amazing personality and sense of humor. spill your feelings and secrets to her, because she can help you and make you feel better!! she always wants to have fun and take risks if they have good outcomes. trust her with anything.
person 1: “it’s almost like everything about her is perfect!! especially her personality.”
person 2: “yeah, that sounds like a seevahn”
by mangoisyummy September 28, 2019
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