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A table in your school lunchroom consisting of the poorest most hood kids in the school.

A table you sit at when no one wants you at their table.

You can tell it's the scummer table by the manner of dress they wear ( ratty old clothes) and a wave of stink drafting across the school lunchroom.

May or may not have lice, haven't taken a bath in weeks, also can be known by their scummy clothes and attitude.

They usually stick to themselves besides risk the embarrassment of daring to come to anyone else's table in the lunchroom, they would even get laughed at by unpopular people.
Sara got up from the scummer table and first came over to the preps table and was laughed at.

The scummers even get laughed at by unpopular people or normal people in the school and looked at as " what the fuck are you doing here", go back to your scummer table.

She was hated by all, including fellow scummers, but was tolerated by them due to being related to one of them.
by dkjrhrrr June 27, 2010
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