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singular One who rationalizes facial hair despite facts.

plural A close knit unit of men with haphazard facial hair, with growth mostly predicated on mild to moderate apathy, combated by the occasional spontaneous, uneven trim driven by a transient, fleeting need to keep up appearances. "Meh, looks good enough" is the motto of the scruff pod.
Kacie: Eric is a total scruff pod.
Eric: *picking at tangles in his neckbeard* I just trimmed it last week. I ordered a beard trimmer. I got into programming for this. I'm not going to shave it.

Person 1: Look at that group of people down the way walking side-by-side. Their combined facial hair appears to be forming on odd asymmetric pattern.

Person 2: Looks like a scruff pod to me.
by merrycakes December 05, 2014
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