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A shot taken by an individual (male or female) out of another mans scrotum. The scrotum is spread and cupped in a way to create a chalice or reservoir for the shot to sit in. While it was made famous and indeed popular by a bar called Banyan Bar in Thailand the first account was in a restaurant called Moorava on the same island. At this early stage a cut straw was used to drink the shot. It is now seen as churlish to use a straw to drink said shot and the ‘true form’ is considers to be lapping it like a cat with a saucer of milk.
Customer: Oh Barkeep I’d like to procure a scrote shot for me and my lovely lady friend?

Barman: Will you do the honour of providing the reciprocal for the lady or shall i?

Customer: You please sir. I’ve not shaved for weeks.
by Master Billy Bates February 25, 2014
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