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A medical issue caused when someone licks a butt that has a rash then the bacteria from that rash gives the licker of the butt hole a sore throat. Symptoms include a very dry feeling in the throat which later transitions to puss filled lesions that makes your breath smell like a penguins ass. Doctors and scientists still don't know why it smells like a penguins ass but just take their word for it.

*Disclaimer: Don't sniff penguins' asses.
Reverend Chuck: Oh man my throat is hurting and my alter boy said my breath smells like penguin ass.

Nun: Hey Rev, were you licking that alter boy's ass again?

Reverend Chuck: No comment.

Nun: Well if you did, you probably have a bad case of scorbee because I gave him rash cream for his ass a few days ago.
by Dr.FartScientist June 17, 2017
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