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A gay man who is obsessed with schlager music, a type of music most often found in the Nordic countries, and more especially Sweden. Said music tends to include a key-change, with an elaborate stage routine, and be performed by a Nordic diva-goddess, such as Shirley Clamp, Sanna Nielsen or Nanne Grönvall, staples of the Swedish schlager music scene.

Upon hearing the key-change, groups of schlager queens, normally gathering for their annual 6-week schlager-powwow in February and March, will scream, cry, clap, jump up and down and generally get very excited.
My word! Did you see that schlager queen literally cry when it got to the key-change?
Yes, but it's understandable. Every schlager queen is moved by a key-change.
by Finda McV January 22, 2011
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