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Someone caught up in the rock/punk music scene. Ex. Tight pants, long bangs, eyeliner on males, and those who wear ridiculous looking clothes because it looks "Cool".
That chick looks way too scened out!
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
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Someone who has spent too much time trying to be scene , usually found dancing in circles with hand on head and wearing a bandana around their face. Girl pants are a big tip-off also. Watch for other tell-tale signs of the scene kid persona (cut marks, bad hair-cuts, bad tattoos, homosexual tendencies)
"Looking at that guy slam dancing over there, he's clearly scened out"

"Is that kid going to rob a bank with that bandana around his face or is he just a scened out gaymo?"

"That guy is trying real hard by wearing his sister's pants, he's scened out for sure"
by Chris Deinlein October 19, 2006
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