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generally someone who wants to fit in with everyone else.
have either short spikey hair with a long/block fringe or long dyed hair with extentions.
wears a lot of eyeliner with bright coloured eyeshadow sometimes with sparkles or glitter.
has a lot of myspace friends and always asks people to give them "pc4pc" or "w4w" etc.
also most of the time, uses paintshop to exaggerate the pretty features on their photos.
wears black drainpipes with unusual patterned jumpers/hoodies. also leggins and tights are worn.
has an obbsession with stars/guns/dots.
sometimes wears a bandana in the head/neck area.
generally quite pretty but you occasionally get the 1 or 2 who try to hard to fit in and end up looking completely wierd.
"those scene kids. girls. are so annoying."
by jayme. May 02, 2007
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