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A higSchool full of thirsty ass bitches. There's a decent amount of good looking girls, while the rest stick out like morning wood. The stereotype that 90 percent of the students smoke pot is true. If you go to school there and you don't know where to get weed, you should probably go to a different school. There's no fights #Gay. Everybody raps and where's fake gold. There's only a few rich kids and I'm one of them. Bitches where fake louis vuitton and faggets where fake gucci. The ceramics teacher is a stoner. You can smell mcdonalds from the court yard. The sophomores are fuck boys, faggets and wannabes. Every one jews you out for a fucking dollar bill. The words bae and squad are used frequently. Rich homie is fresh, Andrew is andew, moe is bro, Michael is faded, Kyle is absent, ryan is yelling, Jr has my money, Bryan is at win dixie, Jeff is is Jeff big Michael is with his bae, medium Michael is wearing a scarf, and I'm just sitting here. The vending machine sounds like a feminine Optimus prime. IT'S FUCKING COLD.
Satellite high school:, have you seen jr and Michael. No. K then I wonder where they went. Spandex......crew......let's go in line
by stacksandsnacks February 20, 2015
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