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To take MDA ( AKA: Tenamfetamine, Sass or Sassafras) and LSD (acid) at the same time. This combo is very similar to a candy flip, but less euphoric, with a higher body load, and more psychedelic. Often MDA is sold as MDMA or used as a cutting agent, it is widely mislabeled as extacy, and when taken with lsd widely mislabeled as a candy flip.
I eat sugar cube with 3 drops of acid on it, and an hour in .2 of pure MDA. This club is an explosion of fractals, my whole body is shaking, I'm literally shredding my Binky, my shirt is soaked with sweat, and it looks like I'm wearing sunglasses on the inside of my eyes there so dilated, and shit is just getting started.

Patron- I scored 2 MDA tabs and some blotter!
Friend- Dude take the acid and eat the tabs once you come up.
Patron- Fuuuuuuuuck yeah! I'm gonna be watching the music and enjoying the rainbows here soon.

K- Wow your eyes are destroyed.
J- I'm sass flipping my face off.
by rittalout April 13, 2011
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