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when ur a lesbian, bi or pan girl and u see a cute girl and u feel like ur heart is filled with stars, glitter and sunshine like skjzjxjzhsh!!!!!!! u feel so excited and giddy in a way that’s literally indescribable but if ur a girl who likes girls, u know exactly what i’m talking about. u think about her for days on end and maybe even lose some sleep cause ur heart be like *flutter flutter* and the only way to cope with it is to scream into ur pillow, gush about her to ur friends and shake it out aka spastic body movements while jumping n squealing cause u feel like 🌈weeeee🌈!!! maybe u’ll even cry a little but that’s okay it happens to all us queer girls
i haven’t slept in dayzzz!!! sapphic attack biatch!!!
by Daniisaratchetbitch2000 March 08, 2020
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