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Santiera is a nice name for a nice woman she's not afraid to get down when its time to get down she's pretty Popular and has a great smile it seems like she works out by how big her ass is but normally she doesn't she also has a chest maybe not the biggest but it's nice too look at her skin is magnificent she has lots of boys chasing her but she's a hustler and an independent she can show off and strut and make a nigga want to nut she has a great memory nice hair but sometimes she has a bad attitude but some people find that cute like myself she is a token,a charm, a princess,whatever you name it and she can accomplish anything she wants because Santiera is a go getter and she is all-Around awesome I wish i could fuck the shit out of her but that probably won't happen but she's a great Santiera SpongeπŸ˜‰
by Aaron aka Aj July 18, 2017
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