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A home made mixed drink that originated in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Like an excorcism only a few people in Santa Fe know how to make the drink and i happen to be one of them. First you get a large drink from McDonalds and fill 1/4 of the cup with Dr.Pepper. Next fill smirnof any flavor, boons farm, mickeys, old e hg, a tiny bit of malibu then top it off with more Dr.Pepper but add a spoon full of brown sugar. To achive maximum pleasure of your taste buds use Dr.Pepper made with Pure Cane Sugar. Also keep all the alcohol chilled. DO NOT STIR OR SHAKE! This drink is carefully formulated to be drank straight from the cup with no lid or straw. The sting will come from the kick in the ass that you get from the sugar with the Dr.Pepper at the end. You may also slam a red bull after to intensify this affect.
Dave: Are you sure your ready for the Santa Fe Stinger?

John: I have been ready for this since the day i was born!

by jon619b May 25, 2007
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