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Why are you a Sandy Pinapple? Is your name Randy, or just dandy? Is your favorite color Blu? or just true? How about your spiky hair, does it point, up, down, or over there? Maybe you Like Dr. Swiss with rhymes like this. Perhaps your friends are Daquiri Bananas, litos, Super Sugar Rulz? plus popcorn, minus tears. Thrillz on deez hillz? Oceanic views from a distance or how about tha nice weather? Why not be a Sandy Pinapple, the hard spiky shells with super sweet and sour, COREy inside? Or why not just Chill on da beach, like a Sandy Chilln Christian Sandy Pinapple? SCORE! plus rock sign and pierced tongue.
I'm definately feelin tha Sandy Pinapple in her, or him.
by sugarlitolikathisone February 05, 2010
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