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Samuel Waters is a guy who is a white piece of garbage and a trash of guy talking character traits and personality. He is overall weird, only likes white men, no white women or any other race or type of gender. He is a feminist even though he is a male. However, in parts he can be serious. But only little times.
Person 1 : That guy man, he's freakin' annoying and weird. So cringey like Jacob Sartorious.
Person 2 : Must be a Samuel Waters then huh.
Person 1 : Really?
Person 2 : Yea, he's a feminist, he's gay, he's annoying, he's a white piece of garbage, likes white men and does racial profiling.
Person 1 : Yea, seems legit.

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by What'sUpIt'sMeJeremyHere April 24, 2017
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