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Samecom - n. v. adj.

1. Used in Internet chat rooms in response to a request for a URL that happens to be the same word as the topic of discussion, but with ".com" appended. See example one for clarification.

2. (As an adjective) Primarily, to describe a URL that is redundant, uninspired, or passé. Informally, as an adjective to describe same but outside of the world wide web.

3. (As a verb) (Rare) To act in an obnoxious, uninspired, lazy or otherwise undesirable manner.
<ChatMan10> Hey, have you guys heard about Google?
<ChatterMan23> URL please?
<ChatMan10> samecom

I looked into that coffee company's website, but it was all too samecom for me.

If I have to go with you to another boring opera, I'm going to samecom so much you'll wish you'd left me at home!
by JoshM August 31, 2007
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