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When a partner or friend becomes the "saint" and makes you the "sinner" usually referring to augments or differences. the "saint" will bring up the "sinners" past ie words or actions which a lot of times where supposedly forgiven while improvements may have been made since than, those are overlooked and the "sinner" person is judged on past actions or words that have no bearing today, alot of times the "saint" doesnt look on his or her faults and precedes to judge others without taking responsibility for their own actions thus making themselves the saint.
some examples of saint vs sinner syndrome
"The Saint" You have done ____ in the past...

"Sinner" And supposedly i apologized and was forgiven for it and even changed since than and yes that is way in the past so why iam i being judged now over it again? what about you?
"The Saint" this isn't about me.....
by Garfield25 January 17, 2012
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