Term of disrespect in response to a person of a different race who addresses them with the term safe blood when it is abvious this phrase is being misused. The misuse of the term safe blood comes when a non-black person is addressing a black person while believing in their own minds that they are superior to black people. Thus they are contradicting themselves when they use the term safe blood as they do not affiliate their own blood with that of a black person's. Therefore in recognition of this the black person responds with safe flesh denoting that he knows the respect between them is only skin deep.
Non-black1: "I would never let a woman from my race be with a black."
Non-black2: "Shut the fuck up."
Non-black2: "Safe blood this boy Al was saying shit about black people."
Black person: "Safe blood."
Later again
Non-black1: "Safe blood."
Black person: "Safe flesh."
by Sir Pink Panther April 12, 2006
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