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Very smart,adventurous, and can be short tempered sometimes, but once you get to know them they can be very caring,loyal,nice. They are also very funny.
Did you see how helpful she was?
Yea she is just like a Sa'Nyah!
by Jesusisnotmexican March 02, 2018
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Not too many of these... Usually African, South Asian or Middle Eastern. These bitches get all the hoes. Fuckboys like her but, they will never admit it. They usually have really nice hair and really nice eyes. They also got a nice pair of boobs. They have a really sexy side of them and are amazing ass kissers and even better fuckers. Sometimes they might piss you off, but it's cool. Sanyah's are crazy, gorgeous and really stupid. You find one, make sure you keep that bitch.
Sanyah gets all the hoes.
by Niya42 November 06, 2016
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